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We say "thank you" to all our guests and end the summer season on the 19th of september.
We start the winter season on February 18th, 2021 - the winter room is currently closed!
See you soon – the Lorenz family and the hut team.


The Jamtal Hut is surrounded by the Silvretta’s highest peaks like Fluchthorn, Augstenberg, Jamspitzen and Dreiländerspitze just to name but three of the 44 summits that rise above 2,000 or 3,000 meters. The hut is located right in the middle of this wonderful landscape.

Characterized by a number of glaciers, this Silvretta region is also known as the “Blue Silvretta”. The side valleys surround the hut in a star-shaped pattern and therefore offer a wide range of hiking tours over rocks and ice, catering for all levels of experience both during the summer and winter months.

The area not only offers tours for adults but also provides wonderful hiking paths for families. Start your climbing experience on one of the climbing parks near the hut, on the West Gamshorn or on the “via ferrata” on the Pfannknecht.

The landlord will provide you with the latest weather forecasts, tour conditions and much more.

Guided tours

Certified and authorized mountain guides from Galtür are available on request for guided tours any time. Information and reservations with the landlord.

Heidelberger Hütte 2.264 m 05:00 h
Madlenerhaus 1.986 m 05.30 h
Wiesbadner Hütte 2.443 m 04:00 h
Chamanna Tuoi SAC 2.250 m 04:30 h
Breite Krone 3.079 m 03:30 h
Dreiländerspitze 3.197 m 04:00 h
Augstenberg 3.228 m 04:00 h
Gemsspitze 3.114 m 03:30 h
Fluchthorn 3.399 m 04:30 h
Jamspitzen 3.178 m 03:00 h
Haagspitze 3.029 m 03:30 h
Gamshorn 2.996 m 03:00 h
Schnapfenspitze 3.219 m 04:00 h
Grenzeckkopf 3.047 m 03:00 h